Molalla Wants You To Join the Team!

The Molalla Area Vision and Action Plan 2030 came from the work of dedicated citizens who sought to engage as many people as possible in producing a blueprint for Molalla’s future. The plan outlines the vision, values, focus areas, strategies, and actions for all sectors of government, business, non-profits, individuals, and groups to use.

The planning process, spanning two-and-a-half years, focused on listening to the people who live in and around Molalla, and make this their home. Listening and engagement took many forms including public meetings, stakeholder interviews, public surveys, group exercises and public events that included almost 1,000 people.

The survey and Vision and Action plan can be seen here. This Visioning Plan included, among many things, the formation of an Economic Development Committee.

Delayed a year by The-Virus-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, the EDC was brought together in 2020 to help reach goals set forth in the Vision and Action Plan. The initial meetings of volunteers established three teams, based on the surveys from 2017 and a few discussions among the volunteers, working with a consultant and alongside the City. These teams are: Downtown Beautification, Identity & Branding, and Business Outreach. These teams are meant to be dynamic and action-driven. They are fluid, can be finite or infinite in term, and they do not preclude the formation of other teams as the Committee develops.

The goals of the first actions taken by the teams are meant to be visible projects that can be finished within a 90-day period. The idea here is to gain momentum – to see tangible results in a short time and, in turn, to inspire more action once great results are shown to be possible – with the help of area residents, local businesses, and the EDC committee members (right now numbering about 25).

Some of the projects in progress right now are:

From the Business Outreach Team: a local business directory and a survey of local business owners to determine what they feel would help existing businesses and entice new business in town, once they see that Molalla is a viable and exciting place to open a business. Click here to reach this team’s page.

From the Beautification Team: repairing/replacing Story Walk signs, Hwy. 211 Advocacy communicating with the State about improving the state of the road, wayfinding signage and kiosks, a Native American mural. Click here to reach this team’s page.

From the Identity and Branding Team: researching and identifying a community identity and brand to put a community face forward to the Public. Click here to reach this team’s page.